Welcome Message

Dear all Greetings,
It gives me immense pleasure to be addressing the second general meet of the Nepalese Association for Clinical Chemistry. I feel proud to be associated with this budding organization, since its start, a little over three years ago. Over the past years, our organization has come a long way, we have had symposiums, workshops and our members have established our very own scientific journal, the ACCLM, which has built quite a good name for itself over the last year.
The main idea behind an organization such as this one, has always been, and always shall be – collective representation of clinical chemists and facilitation of related scientific work. With well over three decades of my life spent in medical education and clinical biochemistry, and having witnessed my young students change into medical professionals, it had been a while that I had envisioned an organization such as NACC to represent our brethren. An organizational identity, you see, is equally important to your academic identification in the scientific community. I wish to see our association maintain that responsibility in the years to come.
It is good to see that our association has garnered attention from national and international societies alike, over the course of the last year. My heartfelt gratitude goes to all the members of the current executive body who have been continuously working over the last twelve months, and maintaining constant communication with all the members over the period. It is always good to be informed of the activities of the association, whether or not you are directly involved with the individual events. Congratulations on a term well served.
As before, I feel priviledgedto be associated with so many brilliant minds, working around the clock, meeting deadlines and organizing projectsall throughout the nation. On behalf of the first executive committee, I want to,yet again,reach out to all clinical chemists in the country and ask them to assist in shaping this budding organization into one of the leading scientific communities in the country, exceling in research, academics as well as professional ethics. 
Having said, in essence, that I could not be prouder of what we have come to achieve, I come to the event at hand - the upcoming symposium. The organizing team has done a great job, with the deadlines at hand, and the financial implications, and I hope that our members will grace the event with their presence.
My hearty welcome goes out to all the delegates. We shall see each other in the general assembly.

Prof. Bharat Jha
Founding Chairperson