NACC requests all Medical science professionals who have interest in laboratory medicine to attend the conference. NACC conference is a great arena to present recent research papers of young and veteran laboratory medicine scientist. 

Categories of presentation include (but not limited to)
• Endocrinology and  Metabolism
• Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) & Total quality management (TQM)/ Errors in laboratory medicine
• Diagnostic automation/ POCT/ Methods evaluation
• Arterial blood gases (ABG) and electrolytes
• Cell biology, cancer/tumor markers
• Inborn errors of metabolism/ prenatal screening 
• Assessment of organ functions 
• Harmonization of reference intervals and decision limits/ effects on laboratory values ( ageing, pregnancy, pediatrics)
• Nutrition/ trace metals/ Vitamins 
• Lipid metabolism and cardiovascular disease 
• Molecular epidemiology 
• Biotechnology and life sciences 
• Genomics
• Medical education
• Laboratory Information System (LIS) / Interpretative Comments In Laboratory Results
• Toxicology
• New biomarkers
• Molecular Microbiology & parasitology/ Molecular pathology/Molecular hematology/ Immunology/ Neuroscience
• Advances in clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine
• Other innovations or areas of interest to the Medical Laboratory Science field.


Deadline for abstract submission: July 25, 2016 & Notification of abstract acceptance: August 1, 2016. 

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