Message from president

It gives me immense pleasure to be a maiden president of NACC. With over thirty years of my career spent in the clinical laboratory and in the field of clinical biochemistry, I have always longed for an institutional identity, a representative body to identify our profession as chemists and scientific researchers. After spending thirty years in the field, and proudly having supervised numerous scientific researches and dissertations in the field of biochemistry, seeing my students shape up from laboratory technologists to professional biochemists, young researchers into doctoral candidates and medical students into medical biochemists, I came to the conclusion that it was indeed time for the establishment of an association of professionals in the field of Biochemistry, an association, which was, if not exclusive, at least encompassing all technical manpower working in the field.

The closest we have had to an association of this type, is much broader in its worth (NAMLS), including so many other faculties and not just limited to clinical biochemistry. International representation and recognition is another issue I have faced over the years. For young scientist out there, the scientific community responds better to clinical associations compared to individual correspondence in so many ways, be it, in the form of a travel grant application or be it in the form of a research paper submitted to an international journal. We need collective representation, and we need it as soon as possible.

I feel lucky to be associated with so many brilliant minds, working around the clock, meeting deadlines and setting contact points throughout the nation. On behalf of the startup committee, I want to reach out to all clinical chemists in the country and ask them to help build this organization into one of the leading scientific communities in the country, exceling in research, academics as well as professional ethics.

Having said, in essence, that the need for an association of clinical biochemists in this country cannot be overemphasized at this moment, I come to the scientific journal, ACCLM, at hand. The editorial team has done a great job, with the deadlines at hand, and the financial implications. Hats off to your efforts. In the future, I hope to see a larger contribution and a bigger group of people working for this journal. This is our combined effort, the first journal of clinical chemistry in the country.

Prof. Bharat Jha