Message from General Secretary

Dear Members,
Biochemists and Clinical Chemists,
On behalf of the Nepalese Association for Clinical Chemistry (NAAC), I feel delighted to express few words about the Association. NACC is an organization that was established on 4th July 2015 by more than 200 post graduates in clinical chemistry, working as faculty in different Medical Colleges, Technical Institutes, Nursing Colleges, Hospitals and similar Healthcare Centers and providing quality assured health care services to the Nepalese people.
NAAC is a budding professional organization established with the novel aim of ensuring better health of Nepalese people through quality practices in laboratory medicine in addition to professional rights, quality upgrading and life-long learning of Nepalese Clinical Chemists. NACC believes in bringing clinical chemistry professionals together to strengthen ongoing clinical chemistry practice in laboratory medicine as well as clinical research and collaboration with similar national and international organizations for sustainable research environment.
I heartily request all Nepalese clinical chemists living in Nepal and abroad to join our association and work together for a better and quality assured health service and diagnostics access to the general public through clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine.   

Thank you.