Membership Categories and Rules

The members of this Association shall be categorized into following types

(i) Founder Member
The officials of the Ad-hoc committee during registration of the Association and the members those are eligible to be the member this Association who were present in Association foundation meeting in Kantipur Academy are deemed founder members. If application is forwarded for such membership with determined membership fees, membership may be granted as per the decision made by the Ad-hoc committee. 

Founder members should pay Rs. 5000/00 (In Words: Five thousand only) at the time of registration of the Association or within 30 days of registration of the Association, thereafter they ispofacto be Life – Long Member. 

(ii) Life – Long Member

Persons who make a commitment with the association for all of their professional life shall be designated life – long members. Any person who meets the criteria for a member can submit an application along with the determined fees, upon which, such membership may be granted pursuant to the decision of Executive Committee.   Fee for Life-long membership is Nrs. 10,000. 

(iii) General Member

If any person who has possessed the qualification if makes an application in accordance with the prescribed procedures, General Membership to such person may be granted by the decision of Executive Committee. 
Fee for general membership is Rs. 2000/- and validity is for two years.Such General Member has to pay the annual renewal fees of Rs.500/-
A member who obtains general membership has to get membership renewed not later than the last day of the year of the fiscal year of Government of Nepal in every couple of years; and thereafter, renewal may be obtained by paying the additional fees as prescribed.

(iv) Associate Member

If any person studying post graduate or higher education in Clinical Biochemistry makes an application with necessary documents along with the determined fees, this membership may be granted by the decision of Executive Committee. 

One who wished to obtain the Associate Membership makes an application along with the prescribed procedure submitted admission fees of Rs. 1000/-, Associate Membership may be granted as per the decision of the Executive Committee. Such membership shall have to get renewed in every couple years before termination of the fiscal year of Nepal. Renewal of Associate Membership shall be Rs. 500/-    

(v) Corporate Member

Membership may be granted as per the decision of Executive Committee by charging fees according to time to department/Trader of chemical and equipments relating clinical biochemistry.   

(vi) Honorary Members

Honorary memberships shall be awarded to people making remarkable contributions for development and promotion of the subject of clinical biochemistry, potentially - social worker, distinguished people and renowned national and foreign scholars may be granted honorary membership, when necessary. 

(vii) Institutional Member

If the national and internal association having similar objectives are interest to take the membership of NACC and makes an application along with the determined fees such membership may be granted. Membership fees may be of three types including National, SAARC or International.  
Person or institution wished to obtain institutional membership makes an application along with the prescribed procedure by submitting membership fees, Institutional Membership may be granted as per the decision of Executive Committee. Membership Fees for National is Rs. 20,000/00, SAARC is 300$ and International is 500$. Such membership shall get their membership renewed in every couple of years before terminating of fiscal year of Government of Nepal. Renewal Fees shall be Rs. 2000, 30$ and 50$ respectively.  

Qualifications for acquisition of membership

The following qualification shall have to be possessed by one for acquisition of the founder member, life – long member and general membership of the association. 
a) MD Biochemistry / M.Sc Medical Biochemistry / M.Sc. Clinical Biochemistry / M. Sc Biochemistry / M.Sc. MLT (Biochemistry) or equivalent degree.
b) Having taught in Health Institution or Medical College for five years obtaining PhD Biochemistry (Faculty or Medicine) completing M.Sc. in Life Science or worked in Zonal Hospital or in the above institutions.   
c) Should be Nepalese Citizen who has completed the age of 18 years.
d) Not being of unsound mind.
e) Not having been held to have embezzled public property.
f) Not having been punished for a criminal offense involving moral turpitude or the offence of corruption.
Circumstances where one cannot acquire membership or ceases to hold membership 

Any person shall not be eligible to hold the post of member of this Association in the following circumstances
(a) Having not attained the age of 18 year 
(b) Certified of being of unsound mind.
(c) Having been held to have embezzled public property.
(d) Having been punished for a criminal offense or offense of corruption, involving moral turpitude.
(e) Having personal interest in the interest of the Association.
(f) Having been convicted by a court of an offense of any kind of theft, forgery, fraud or unauthorized misuse or embezzlement of assets in one's custody, or offense of corruption, and served sentence for the same, and one year has not elapsed thereafter. 

Termination of membership
One shall cease to hold the office of member in the Association in the following circumstances:
(a) Where one is disqualified for appointment as a Member of the Association pursuant to Article 8 of this Statute.
(b) Where a majority of 2/3rd of the members of the General Assembly adopt a proposal to remove that person from the post of Member of the Association.
(c) Where resignation tendered by the member from his/her post is accepted.
(d) Where it is proved by the court that the member has committed dishonesty or malicious act in the activities of the Association.
(e) Where any work is determined prohibited by the Association. 
(f) Where the membership is not renewed according to rule. 
(g) Where the Association is dissolved or winded up.

Prior to holding any person disqualified for being appointed as a member of, or for holding the post of, the Association, the Association shall give a notice thereof to that person and provide him/her with an opportunity to defend him/herself.