History of NACC

The Nepalese Association of Clinical Chemistry (NACC) was founded in 2013 during a meeting in Kathmandu with the objectives; to advance the study and practice of clinical biochemistry, to disseminate knowledge of the principles and practice of clinical biochemistry, to protect and promote the interests of clinical biochemists. The formation of the NACC had been the product of a long series of discussions and informal meetings among the biochemists, laboratory professionals and other health professionals. Finally in the year 2015, the association elected its first 21 members Executive Committee via Annual General Meeting. The Council formulates policy in accordance with the Association's Constitution and its decisions are reported to the membership at the Annual General Meeting. The Association is not a registered industrial body and this is purely a professional non political body. Collaboration with international scientific associations such as AACC, APFCB, and IFCC is under process.

On 14th August 2015, NACC launched a redesigned website to serve as a dynamic, one-stop resource for laboratory medicine. The website was designed to provide all laboratory medicine stakeholders with the clinically-relevant information needed to adapt to change in the healthcare world and find solutions to challenging patient problems.